Zakira : work of Zsa Zsa Wen | animation studio

I started my career early when I was 19. I worked in various design positions such as Media Artist (Unity) at Wave, UI Designer at Tencent, 3D Designer at Museum of Ice Cream, Game UI designer at High 5 Games, VR Designer at Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, my works have been viewed by over 10k spectators, until I moved to the motion graphic industry.

I focus on Cinema 4D, Redshift, Octane, Unity, Photoshop, and also know how to use other software such as ZBrush, After Effects, 
Substance Painter, Nuke, Maya, Flash, etc. My goal is to become a highly-skilled craftsman and businesswoman telling visual stories that impact people's life. Currently, I work and live in New York but can move elsewhere.

When I am not doing art, I'm cooking a new recipe with friends, reading functional books, listening to rap music or Yo-Yo Ma, jogging outdoor or boxing indoor, and watching visual stories: Tom and Jerry, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Attack on Titan, Moana, among other 1000 ones.


Creative Studio in New York


We worked together at High 5 Games | NY

Jerry Wilson

Director of Customer Experience

"Zsa Zsa’s role was facilitating constant communication with her teammates. Every day, she participates in the meetings focused on clarifying and achieving specific goals. She is not afraid to ask questions nor receive feedback on her creations. Moreover, she has shown strong creative skills. An example of this is the jewelry gift box theme that she created for the bonus game. This innovative feature was stand-out in terms of concept, color choice, and graphic design."

ZSA ZSA WEN @ 2020